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Does the thought of House Hunting creep you out? Is the whole fieldwork process tedious and time consuming? Better yet, have you ever been stranded on where exactly to locate and book a hotel room prior that important abrupt meeting? That million-dollar deal you are up for a contract? Or perhaps you are this couple; young or old, that wants to invest on a piece of land? How about the fact that you are an entrepreneur who is in dire need of that stall or shop somewhere strategic in town to set your business going?

Well, NYUMBAONLINE Application simplifies your current housing and property distress in all manner and enables you acquire that home your desire. Across various regions in Kenya, you can easily obtain a house or property of your choice. It could either be buying or selling of property or even leasing. Just by downloading the Application on Playstore using your preferred device, make your request known to the NYUMBAONLINE fraternity.

This App not only seeks to help you locate and buy a property, but also allows property owners to sell or lease their property to clients. One can sign up as a Property Agent or Property Seeker. So, Apparently you have that four-storey apartment that your old fox left you and you have not a clue of how to let it. All you need to do is register as a Property Agent and wait for the App do the leasing for you.

The App also constitutes a key segment on Agent Interaction where a procedure is to be observed. The Creation of an Agent's Account where you fill in your personal details such as Name and Contact, enables property owners to liaise with the NYUMBAONLINE Community.

The need to have Client-Agent interaction is also featured in as part of a vital element to enhance effective communication. For clarity purposes, a potential client can easily communicate with a specific agent on a desired house or property.


The Nyumbaonline Application offers a variety of Apartments, Hotels, Shops and Acres of land. Situated across diverse regions in Kenya, such as Mombasa, Nairobi. You are literally a button away from your dream house and property. By tapping on the search button on the App's homepage, as a client, you get to feed in your details on the Location of the property, its status that is, whether you want to rent or buy, your convenient budget price and of course the type of housing you want to venture in.

A collection of photographs on acres of land are provided for you in case you decide to purchase a piece of land. As affordable as two million to a grand of thirty million depending on the size of land you need.

Looking for Apartments to live in? Then spacious and luxurious rooms will be made available to you just at your comfort. The apartments are well furnished to satisfy or rather quench your thirst for missing a home. Regardless of your core purpose to acquire an apartment, be it as residential or business, NYUMBAONLINE accommodates you to the maximum.

The clock is ticking and you need to locate the nearest and affordable Hotel room so desperately. What do you do? For a minute your mind drifts you to that app you once downloaded. Oh yes! It's the NYUMBAONLINE App at your service. You log in and reserve a hotel room for thyself.

What about that Central Business District Shop in the suburb you've always dreamt of? The thought of delivering your products and services on time? The feeling of having a stall secured for your products or services? Well, with this App, let your perturbed thoughts rest in peace and grab that slot already!!



Unlike other complex online applications, NYUMBAONLINE's interface is easy to navigate around its features, how it works, what property is available, where it is approximated and all the nitty gritties needed.

It is Convenient.

It's convenience is in terms of where and when a client can access the App. NYUMBAONLINE is always accessible at the customer's comfort of their work place, car or home. The Agent can upload their property anytime and anywhere. In collaboration with the App's Admininstrators, the agents are able to manage their property

Cost and Time efficient

The whole physical process of looking for a house or a property is cumbersome but this Application makes it abit effortless and effective for you. You don't have to fuel your car to drive miles away so as to purchase, sell, lease or manage a property. It's convenience acts as a suitable prerequisite to the Cost and Time efficiency factor.


The creation of user accounts with private details that are secured is proof enough that NYUMBAONLINE is an accountable and transparent application. The availability of a 'Contact Us' segment ensures that there's reliability on an existing group of individuals to work with.

Property is Affordable.

The affordable ranges as low as 4000/= for a one bedroom apartment in Mombasa to a well-fitted three bedroom costing 50,000/= in Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD)

In a nutshell, NYUMBAONLINE Application is the new dawn in the housing and property industry. As easy as it is to use the App, makes the process of acquiring a home and a property less strenuous. Therefore, Go to Playstore, download the App and join the new wave.


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